Hands Free, Interactive, Work Instruction Delivery

The Competitive Advantage

Designed for people who work with their hands and can't safely or efficiently handle phones, job aids, or other traditional performance support tools

Two way communications that deliver on demand instructions in any language through a WiFi enabled earphone

Provides powerful data with continuous user improvement feedback including the time users spend on each step

Cloud-based system that is easy to deploy, participant friendly, and scalable

How Pythia Works

Make Database Records

Standard Operating Procedures, like recipes, assemblies and/or high tech procedures are entered into a cloud database as records; one text field per instruction or step.

Pythia WiFi Earphone

Upon power up, the Pythia device automatically connects to an in-range, pre-configured secure WiFi channel, finds the user account it's assigned to, then asks user to request a process.

The earphone has a microphone, speaker and control buttons that operate the system. The battery lasts around 5 hours and fully recharges via micro-USB in around 30 minutes.

Conversational Interface

Like Siri or Cortana, Pythia uses a conversational user interface to operate the system by speaking the wake word, "OK", and the commands, "Next", "Quit", "Repeat", "Help", and to process titles.

802.11n WiFi

Pythia runs on regular, pre-configured, 802.11n WiFi channels, >60mbps or faster. Upon power up, earphones automatically connect to an in-range, pre-configured WiFi channel, finds the user account it's assigned to, then asks user to request a process.

Cloud Database

Processes/recipes, user accounts, and performance data are all kept in our cloud database. For complete security, no process, step, or performance data is ever saved outside the cloud; everything operates on-the-fly.


After the system finds a requested process to run, Pythia converts the record's first text field to speech and plays it on-the-fly to the earphone.

Digital Timer

A timer begins. It ends when the user finishes the step and says, "OK. Next."

Next Steps

After completing a step, the user says, "OK. Next", the system stops the timer, calculates the performance duration, uploads the data to the cloud, converts the next step's text to speech, and plays it on-the-fly to the earphone.


After completing all the steps of a process, Pythia asks users to provide their optional feedback.

Recycle to Beginning

After the feedback phase, Pythia recycles to the beginning and asks the user to request a process.


Performance data is immediately available and can be sorted down to individual performer, date range, and specific process STEP. The standard Mean Performance Report automatically calculates a mean performance duration for the sorted data and highlights it relative to the mean. Scores are assigned; Green is for events closest to mean, Red is the farthest from the mean, and Gold includes best practices and the best chance to deliver the highest Return On Investment when achieved.

Global SOP Updates

Companies using Pythia can update and deliver process updates anywhere in the world simply by editing database text fields.

Our auto-translation capability enables our clients to write their SOPs in one language and deliver it in over 100 other languages, in real time.


Pythia users can request help by saying, "OK. Help." or by Long-Pressing the Bottom Button on the earphone to send an immediate text message to their supervisor.

A text alert is also sent when users don't spend the minimum expected amount of time on "Critical Process Steps".

NO Phones!

For more than a decade, technologies have converged with dependency on phones and tablets. The next decade will begin the divergence from phones. Pythia's Patented technologies are trailblazing because they don't require a phone or tablet. This also adds to our clients ROI by saving them thousands of dollars in collective phone costs.


Like Siri and Cortana, Pythia operates by voice, which enables it to navigate completely hands-free. This is important when safety, cleanliness, efficiency, and accuracy matter.

Pythia by Adyton

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