Hospitality Workflows


"True hospitality is marked by an open response to the dignity of each and every person." --Kathleen Norris

In the hospitality industry, it's not just what you say and deliver but how you and everyone in your business consistently says and delivers. When done right, you and your guests know it and everyone has a good feeling. Hospitality workers have very difficult jobs and few, if any, opportunities to get support while working. Pythia enables hospitality workers to perfectly perform workflows with little to no training, in any language, anywhere in the world.

The hospitality industry has special challenges like no other and include things like high employee turnover, more workflows than can be memorized, and multi-lingual workers in nearly every location. Preparing hospitality workers to perform consistently, sanitarily, and efficiently under those conditions is nearly impossible. Enter Pythia. Pythia:

  • Enables chefs to create and optimize signature recipes, verbally deliver them to cooks step-by-step in the cook's preferred language, track the time it takes cooks to perform each step, and receive feedback throughout the cycle, all from a single system.

  • Enables housekeepers across a global brand to apply different on-brand cleaning and staging to guest rooms, common areas, and exteriors by following step-by-step instructions in the housekeeper's language, track the time it takes to complete each workflow step, and provide continuous improvement feedback.

  • Enable bartenders and baristas to make any drink in the world including those they've never heard of, perfectly, confidently, efficiently, and sanitarily, every time, while tracking the time to complete each step and capturing continuous improvement feedback.

  • Enables hospitality businesses to develop, optimize, deliver, scale, and continuously improve workflows from one location to an infinite numbers of locations worldwide.

Every time a hospitality error is made, a freebie can follow, whether it's a comped room, cocktail, or dinner. The costs can skyrocket as customer satisfaction and return business plummet. Moreover, some errors can cause personal injury and property damage that can further increase costs. When using Pythia's voice-directed workflows, hospitality workers can be certain to never miss a process step or perform a step out of sequence. "Critical steps" being those requiring special attention, are given minimum expected performance intervals. Supervisors are alerted when critical steps are performed faster than the designated minimum performance interval.

Pythia's voice-directed workflows enable hospitality workers to perform faster and safer than if they must pick up devices or printed aids as they work. When help is needed, they can say, "Hey Coach, Help" and an email alert is instantly sent to their supervisor. The supervisor can then immediately call the worker, handle the problem, and work can continue.

When hospitality workflows change, simply edit the effected text in a database record, then release it when ready. Upon release, every worker worldwide instantly gets the new workflow to follow. In most cases, little communication is needed and training is rarely necessary.

Pythia's analytics reveal performance improvement opportunities across the organization and down to individual worker and workflow step detail. This enables management and workers alike to improve the performance factors within their control whether worker or non-worker related issues. For instance, the lack of equipment, insufficient staffing, and inadequate management support can be revealed via the valid, unbiased, reliable data Pythia captures along with issues related to worker performance down to workflow step detail.

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