Inspection Workflows


"A failure will not appear until a unit has passed final inspection." --Arthur Bloch

An inspector's job requires highly consistent and careful observation, measurement, testing, documentation, and approvals designed to keep equipment operating, maintain product and service quality, as well as safe and healthy work environments. An inspector's findings are used to resolve current issues, mitigate future ones, and continuously improve workflows.

Verbal Workflow Management (VWM) enables inspectors to safely, efficiently, and sanitarily perform their responsibilities by following verbally-delivered instructions, step-by-step, on demand, while capturing the time spent on each step along with the inspector's continuous improvement feedback. When using the Pythia VWM system, inspectors can never miss a step in an inspection workflow and serves an important role in rapidly improving performance across the business.

Pythia's voice-delivered workflows enable inspectors to perform their workflows safer and faster than if they must pick up device or printed aid. When help is needed, workers can say, "Hey Coach, Help" and an email alert is instantly sent to their supervisor. The supervisor can call the worker, handle the problem, then work can continue.

Inspectors are essential to continuous improvement as their work reveals opportunities to improve performance processes across all business functions. The Pythia VWM system supports rapid continuous improvement by enabling workflows to change as simply as editing text in database text fields, then releasing the workflow globally.

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Pythia Benefits for Inspection Work