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Pythia is For

Mechanics | Installers | Assemblers | Technicians | Contractors | Engineers | Nurses | Veterinarians | Industrial Engineers | Scientists | Bartenders | Physical Therapists | Personal Trainers | Cooks | Chemists | Students | Bakers | Builders | Doctors | Dentists | Housekeepers | Operations Professionals

Virtually anyone working with their hands worldwide

Global Performance, 24/7/365

Pythia is available globally, 24/7/365, via Google Cloud, iOS or Android devices and apps, WiFi or cellular networks, and off-the-shelf Bluetooth earphones & headphones.

Learn "Learnable" Tasks

Learning requires memorization and spaced repetition; practice. Pythia users practice tasks until they are memorized, then continue using Pythia to assure no step is ever missed.

Perform "Unlearnable" Tasks

Processes with too many steps to memorize, steps that change too often to memorize, and are performed too infrequently to memorize are "unlearnable". Pythia users can perform tasks that cannot be memorized.

Perform "Unlearnable" Jobs

"Unlearnable" jobs have more processes than can be memorized, like bartending, and have tenures so short that the jobs are never fully learned. Pythia users can perform processes they've never even heard of with little to no additional training.

Continuous Improvement / 6 Sigma

Pythia supports DMAIC and enables clients to cut or eliminate manual time studies while automatically capturing valid, unbiased, reliable performance interval data on an unlimited number of processes as people work worldwide. Spend more time on MAIC.

Mobile Performance Assurance

Pythia assures every step of every process is performed in the right sequence, every time, anywhere in the world. An alert is sent when Pythia detects a process step has been performed in less than the minimum expected time.


Pythia users can instantly send an email alert to a designated supervisor, hands-free, while working, to get emergency help or to notify someone when things go wrong. Furthermore, they will forget to don proper personal protective equipment prior to performing work or miss any other safety or compliance step.

Precision Coaching

Pythia reveals coaching opportunities at individual worker and process step detail to pinpoint coaching and save training resources.

Scale Up New Processes

Pythia clients can create new processes in Pythia, then assign them to increasing numbers of users for testing, optimization, and scale up prior to global release.

Support Rapid Change

Pythia clients can rapidly adapt to change by instantly changing and re-assigning processes locally, regionally or globally as circumstances dictate.

Assure Quality

Pythia users significantly contribute to the production and delivery of quality products and services by consistently performing processes step-by-step as verbally delivered via Pythia.

100+ Languages

Soon, Pythia clients will be able to write and deliver their processes in over 100 languages and dialects. They will also be able to write a process in 1 language and deliver it in over 40 languages and dialects, on-the-fly!

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Like Siri and Google Assistant, Pythia has a conversational interface, which enables safe, efficient, sanitary, hands-free use.