What We Do

Performance Technologies

Adyton leverages state of the art technologies to provide world's first, hands-free, interactive products and systems, that empower businesses and consumers. Our products and software are exclusively available through the Pythia Business Partner Network. Combining our partners' experience and expertise with Pythia’s ground breaking capabilities allows us to create competitive advantages for all our clients.

With two patents granted and another patent pending, Pythia:

-Enables subject matter experts to manually and verbally create SOPs, on-the-fly, globally, in any language, while capturing the time and motions used to complete each step

-Verbally delivers SOPs to users on-the-fly, globally, in any language, then report the time spent on each step along with their continuous improvement feedback

Illustration of the natural curve

Enabling Innovators and Early Adopters

Innovation and the ability to adopt new technologies are essential for companies to become and remain competitive. Unfortunately, innovating new technologies is extremely expensive and risky when attempting to do it alone. As new technologies develop ever faster, staying ahead of the competition gets costlier and riskier. The costs and risks go even higher when technology innovation isn't a business's key competency.

Adyton makes it easier for businesses to become innovators and early adopters by developing technologies its clients need but can't provide or support themselves, then spreading the cost and risk across a partner network.


Adyton enables businesses to become innovators and early technology adopters by spreading the cost and risk across a partner network/consortium.


Adyton and its business partners provide professional, ROI-assured consulting services supported by a short-term Pythia implementation.


Adyton and its business partners provide full system support ranging from FAQs to on-site help.


Adyton's products, including Pythia, employ near-military grade security as advised by a former NSA and CIA information security expert.

Return on Investment

Adyton’s comprehensive data makes it easy to report financials and to demonstrate the return on investment for performance improvement programs. Simply compare the time used to perform a process before and after intervention, multiply by a pay rate, then project over the intervention's lifetime to accurately report ROI.


Adyton provides data and analytics to reveal organization improvement opportunities at process step and individual performer granularity on up to through the entire organization. Access to this data can be provided to preferred service providers to enable active performance monitoring and actionable, proactive performance improvement initiatives.